go! widget

Enable your customers to easily order taxis on your website. Implemented and activated in a few clicks.

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Enable your customers to order a taxi from you on your website with just a few clicks. No matter if you are on the road on your smartphone, on the desktop computer in the office or comfortably on the tablet on the couch.

Can be integrated everywhere

go! widget is designed in a completely modular way so that it can be integrated into practically any website. It can be activated in just a few easy steps and enables your customers to place orders from the very first minute, regardless of device or location.

Better customer experience

Your customers will thank you! Thanks to a very easy and flexible digital ordering process, you can create a modern and customer-centric user experience. This turns satisfied customers into loyal and returning customers.

Easy ordering
Flexible fleet choosing
Device independent ordering
Easy and secure authentification
Integrated assessments (or analysis)
Can be implemented independently of any systems

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